Chapter 6

Life in 2050 is presented through the eyes of Rohan, a young professional living in a metropolis.  As Rohan plans his New Year trip to the aquarium, the author makes various observations through Rohan’s eyes to discuss the probably lifestyle and conditions in 2050.  Rohan thinks about his busy life and non-commuting job as he uses advanced 3D holographic technology for communication and entertainment.  As he goes out, Raj is able to comment on the transportation modes and dangers due to pollution and crime in the unregulated outdoors.  Rohan’s stop for lunch at the Flying Insect gives the author an opportunity to discuss food, agriculture and water.  Similarly, the climate change, economic, political, education and social conditions in 2050 are heuristically described.  Finally, Rohan ends his day by attending Guru Aakash’s gathering with his NET-found date Avyeckta, as both Rohan and Avyeckta realize that Homo sapiens can create a better future only by incorporating non-materialistic factors to their totally materialistic systems.