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A researcher with product and business development experience, Rajan (Raj) Jaisinghani has always been interested in philosophy, music, arts and everything to do with nature and the planet.  He was fortunate to have done his undergraduate studies at Banaras Hindu University in one of the oldest living cities in the world, Varanasi – also the seat of North Indian art, music and philosophy. There he was influenced by many artists and thinkers from around the world that he met away from his formal engineering education. During his graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin system, Raj continued to be interested in other non science areas and developed a great interest in metaphysics and in the compatibility of eastern thought with science. He never lost interest in these larger quests, even as he developed extensive research experience in colloid and aerosol science, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and physical surface chemistry, which he applied towards the development of new technology for environmental pollution control.  He holds 18 patents and has authored many publications in technical journals and handbooks. During the last 5 years Raj has been conducting research related to his book Homo Sapiens—An Appraisal of Modern Humans as he continues to combine his technical background with his interests in metaphysics, history, eastern culture, music and art to develop unique insights regarding human behavior and the resulting impact on the planet.